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White Tea

White tea has been enjoyed by Chinese people for over a thousand years (Ming Dynasty). For the most part, white tea comes from Fujian Province, and gets its name from the fine silvery white hairs on the unopened buds of the tea plant. What makes white tea so different from other teas? Simply put, white tea is the least processed form of tea. White tea is made of beautiful silver buds and select leaves which have been simply steamed and dried. Due to the minimal processing, white tea retains the nutrition and flavor of the tea

 leaves as much as possible. It has a light, delicate, slightly sweet silky flavor that sharpens the senses without overwhelming the tongue. White tea can be stored for a long time. The longer the storage time, the greater the fragrance and the higher the quality.

Healthy Benefits

The process for producing white is the simplest of all. It is simply picked, sundried, and packaged. Due to the absence of human-induced production complexities, it retains maximum nutrition. Throughout Chinese history, great medicinal value has been placed on white tea and its antibiotic qualities, its ability to inhibit free radical development, and its anti-cancer qualities. And white tea contains enzymes which help to balance blood glucose levels.

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