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Bringing to you the finest authentic tea is always my motive.

Founder’s Passion

My story about Pu-erh tea started during my childhood. As I remember, people couldn’t live without tea, especially black pu-erh tea. On winter mornings, a cup of hot tea warmed up our days. I was fond of collecting. Once when I heard that Pu-erh tea was the “antique that you can drink.” At that point, being a tea lover, I  began to visit tea houses in China from then on.


When I heard that a particular area had good Pu-erh tea, I would visit that place and study the cultivation techniques. I spent a lot of time on those trips. However, most of the trips ended in disappointment. The experiences taught me that if I wanted to have really good teas, I needed to become an expert in the field. I traveled the mountains throughout Yunnan province in China, visiting villages and factories. I studied the forest environment.


I was amazed by the ancient Pu-erh tea’s enjoyable taste and its unique health benefits. A year later, with a deep passion for Pu-erh tea, I opened Miao Yin Zen tea house in Shenzhen and Miao Yin Zen tea factory in Yunnan. Each spring, we spent two months in the Yunnan Mountains working with local caretakers to make sure that our Pu-erh is predominately collected from the ancient tea trees scattered throughout the forests.


“Ancient” trees grow in a natural manner throught out forest and, by definition,  are more than 100 years old, with some being thousands of years old. It is not just a business, but a pleasure to share our fine finished teas and my tea knowledge with our friends and tea lovers.

Founder: Zi Yang

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